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The Wellbeing Lancashire Alliance

Wellbeing Lancashire was created with a shared vision to make wellbeing a top priority in Lancashire. A diverse range of providers have created an agile and mobile collective which aims to tackle today’s wellbeing challenges while working to start to prepare and prevent the wellbeing challenges of the future. Action orientated with a desire to interconnect a range of stakeholders, Wellbeing Lancashire is designed to align a strategy that can be amplified to create true lasting positive health outcomes, equality of health oppertunity and vibrant, engaged workforces.

Cheryle Britton

Cheryle Britton

Founder YOLO Wellbeing, Director Wellbeing Lancashire

In 2019 Cheryle Britton launched YOLO Wellbeing; a unique experience designed specifically for businesses, to help employers improve the physical and mental health of their workforce. This followed a successful and multi-award winning career in consumer marketing, over 20 years.

Following a journey with her own mental health, the idea for YOLO Wellbeing was sparked on a family holiday 3years a go. Cheryle spent the next 18months retraining and developing the YOLO experience.
More recently, and as a direct result of the global pandemic, Cheryle has become a founding member and driving force in her role as a Director of Wellbeing Lancashire.

Jason Kingston

Jason Kingston

Partner Cube Thinking. Director Wellbeing Lancashire

A journey of accountant to auditor to analyst led Jason to set up business performance consultancy Cube Thinking 2 years ago. Keen to evolve the principles of business growth by methodologies that focus on the people as much as the process and digital dimension, he has been keen to reference individuals’ self optimisation with organisation optimisation, with the socio-economic benefits that must follow. Previous experience as contract auditor, financial adviser, change leader in retail and social housing with a people centred approach.

Facilitating the Wellbeing Lancashire Group, via his role as Partner for Cube Thinking and the Lancashire County Council Boost #AskforHelp programme; Jason provides strategic lead in his role as Director of Wellbeing Lancashire.

Celia Gaze

Celia Gaze

Founder and Managing Director The Wellbeing Farm, Author ‘Why Put a Bow Tie on a Llama; Director Wellbeing Lancashire

Celia Gaze made a name for herself putting bow ties on llamas – after hitting burnout in a high powered NHS job and experiencing the very real de-habilitating impact of stress. After quitting the NHS, she spent three months reflecting and reviewing her life – and found the answer to her future staring back at her, in a rundown farm owned by her partner.

Attracted to a new challenge that took her ‘back to basics’ Celia decided to dedicate her time to bringing this farm back to life, with a vision of harnessing nature to provide a sanctuary focused on wellbeing. She created The Wellbeing Farm and more recently the North West Centre for Business and Team Wellbeing and published her book ‘Why Put a Bow Tie on a Llama? in 2020.

Lee Chambers

Lee Chambers

MSc MBPsS, Founder Essentialise; Director Wellbeing Lancashire

A diverse career built the foundations for Lee to launch Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing in 2019. Utilising his academic background in environmental psychology, sleep and nutrition; with roles in corporate finance, elite sports and local government.

After overcoming significant health challenges in recent years, Lee is passionate about data-driven, people-centric wellbeing cultures. He delivers wellbeing strategy and workshops across the north and is continually looking to empower individuals to understand the transversal skills needed to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

In his role as Director of Wellbeing Lancashire Lee is determined to make wellbeing advancement that is measurable, sustainable and embedded as a priority for organisations in the region.

Emma-Louise Fusari

Emma-Louise Fusari

RGN, Founder In-House Health; Director Wellbeing Lancashire

Emma-Louise is founder of In-House Heath Limited, a workplace health and wellbeing consultancy that helps digital and tech organisations get to the root cause of work-related health problems by putting people at their centre.

A nurse for 18 years, Emma has a wealth of knowledge and experience with chronic disease management and public health policy. Emma uses employee health data to engage employees and organisations in relevant strategy, initiatives, and preventative health programmes.

The COVID pandemic has provided an opportunity for Emma to help cultivate Wellbeing Lancashire with other dynamic wellbeing providers who want to make wellbeing a top priority in Lancashire.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith

CEO, NWEEG; Managing Director, Anthem Engagement

Steve’s vision is to make the North West the best place to work in the world and is keen to work with organisations and individuals who understand that people are the key to business success.

As an engagement pioneer, in 2012 he was selected by David Cameron to be at the heart of the UK government’s flagship ‘Engage for Success’ initiative. Steve’s vast experience and portfolio of studies have made him a leading authority on how engagement can improve productivity, performance and profitability.

In 2002, Steve became Managing Director of Anthem Engagement, and CEO of the North West Employee Engagement Group (NWEEG), where he hosts events for 750+ business leaders from the North West’s leading businesses. His research provides evidence and undeniable proof that great engagement strategies reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and efficiency, retain customers and make more profits. Most importantly, engaged employees are happier, both at work and in their personal lives.

Jackie Robinson

Founder The Balance Approach; Founder Wellbeing Lancashire

Jackie Robinson is the Founder of The Balance Approach, a company that organises collaborative wellbeing events and trains wellbeing champions within organisations.

Matt Gibbs

Founder Walx Preston; Founder Wellbeing Lancashire

Matt Gibbs is the founder of Walx Preston, a nordic walking community group that covers Preston, South Ribble and Chorley. He is immensely passionate about Public Health and the benefits of movement on both physical, mental and emotional health, as well as recovery and human connection. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Wellbeing Lancashire team.

Jo LeFebour

Jo LeFebour

Founder The Freedom Catalyst; Founder Wellbeing Lancashire

From a background of health problems, non-existent self-confidence and being overweight, 10 years ago, Jo Le’Febour, stumbled upon the ‘thing’ that would change her life. Simply put, she became a ‘Sugar detective’.

Now, uniquely combining the modalities of hypnotherapy, coaching and nutrition, Jo helps her clients to slow down the ageing process, halt and often reverse their decline into poor health and shift habits that have robbed them of their confidence. Jo’s background is in education, and she is a natural leader. She was invited to the Cabinet Office to advise on the current sugar crisis, spoken at conferences with an international audience, and worked with hundreds of school children and college students to help them to become sugar detectives.

Jo also works with one to one clients through her ‘Habit Changing Academy’ and leads groups through her ‘Tame Your Sugar Monster’ programmes. At the core of Jo’s passion lies her desire to show others how to dramatically free their own and their families lives by not only becoming Sugar Detectives but tapping into their own unique potential too.

Deb Brookes

Founder The Roots of Life; Founder Wellbeing Lancashire

Deb Brookes is the founder of Roots of Life. With expertise in both publishing and events, Debs is very well connected across Lancashire in all aspects of wellbeing and is passionate about fusing spiritual elements of wellbeing alongside the more traditional aspects.

Sunny Sandwell

Sunny Sandwell

Founder Fun At Work; Founder Wellbeing Lancashire

Sunny Sandwell is the award winning Director of Fun at the Fun Experts and Founder of Fun At Work, a company focused on creating wellbeing through employee connection and play. Often asked to speak at events and highly respected amongst the business community,

Sunny is continually finding innovative ways to assist companies with their employee wellbeing.

Jackie Connaughton

Founder BHI; Founder Wellbeing Lancashire

Jackie Connaughton specialises in working with small to medium sized businesses, to assist them in counterbalancing stress and burnout in the workplace.

Jackie’s inspiration for undertaking this work is embedded with a belief that every employee can thrive in what they do, when the right conditions are applied.  The aim is to re-balance any problematic relationship between an individual and a work environment, then to restore it with vigour and vitality.

Jackie has drawn upon her experiences and desire to find effective solutions for businesses.  To enable her in the goal of healthier workplaces for everyone, BHI work in partnership with leading experts in the field of wellbeing.

Jackie holds various qualifications in the field of Counselling. She is a Registered Psychotherapist, Mentor and Coach. She has run her own successful private practice, working with clients to help them overcome PTSD, Burnout and Trauma.

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