Wellbeing Lancashire Providers


At Wellbeing Lancashire we have a range of providers that we have met Wellbeing Lancashire’s standards to deliver a range of wellbeing solutions for individuals, communities and organisations. Each with their own unique delivery and ethos, but aligned with the collective values of Wellbeing Lancashire and certified based on both our charter and confirmation of relevant practitioner certification and insurance.


We have a number of providers who deliver directly in their specialist areas. They are accredited by Wellbeing Lancashire and will be able to craft a wellbeing provision for your needs. 



A number of our providers specialise in wellbeing strategy, helping you to implement wellbeing that is effective, can be measured and is evolved based on data that can highlight areas to maximise impact.


Wellbeing Lancashire hosts events for member organisations for member organisations to raise awareness of the collective range of wellbeing services available across the region.

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