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Jo Le’Febour
From a background of health problems, non-existent self-confidence and being overweight, 10 years ago, Jo Le’Febour, stumbled upon the ‘thing’ that would change her life. Simply put, she became a ‘Sugar detective’. Now, uniquely combining the modalities of hypnotherapy, coaching and nutrition, Jo helps her clients to slow down the ageing process, halt and often reverse their decline into poor health and shift habits that have robbed them of their confidence. Jo’s background is in education, and she is a natural leader. She was invited to the Cabinet Office to advise on the current sugar crisis, spoken at conferences with an international audience, and worked with hundreds of school children and college students to help them to become sugar detectives. Jo also works with one to one clients through her ‘Habit Changing Academy’ and leads groups through her 'Tame Your Sugar Monster' programmes. At the core of Jo’s passion lies her desire to show others how to dramatically free their own and their families lives by not only becoming Sugar Detectives but tapping into their own unique potential too.

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