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Personal Wellbeing

Your personal health and happiness is more important than anything. Whether you need help with counselling, coaching or new interests, Wellbeing Lancashire providers offer a range of classes, events or treatment services that are delivered both physically and digitally. You can also explore our member community groups who can also provide great support and opportunities to get involved in social projects..

Wellbeing in the Community

Our Wellbeing Lancashire member community groups offer many levels of support; to individuals, neighbourhoods and businesses, often working in collaboration with our wellbeing member providers. If you are a community group, charity or non-profit organisation and would like to reach new audiences, build engagement and deliver support please contact us.


Wellbeing in Organisations

Wellbeing underpins the success of the economy; it is intrinsically linked to performance and is now an employee’s number one priority when accepting a new job. Wellbeing Lancashire member providers can support you with everything from wellbeing strategy and health data; to employee workshops, awareness events and bespoke wellbeing experiences that can be delivered digitally or physically.


It is a collaboration of professional wellbeing businesses; public sector organisations; non-profit and charities who have come together to make wellbeing a top priority for Lancashire. Wellbeing Lancashire is for individuals, communities, businesses and organisations, to help create a culture where we can all thrive.


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What Does Wellbeing Lancashire Mean To You?

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Are You Addicted to Sugar?

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Together We Can Bring Lasting Change

Working with our partners in Lancashire and beyond, our mission is to positively impact the health outcomes of adults and children across the North West

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