Our Mission and Values

The Mission

Wellbeing Lancashire is a collaborative organisation, which works to align wellbeing strategy and delivery across Local Government, the Integrated Care System, Educational Establishments, Third Sector Organisations and Local Businesses.

Initially formed to respond to the acute wellbeing challenges of a global pandemic, a gap was highlighted for wellbeing to be weaved into recovery strategies across businesses, communities, and at an individual level.

At Wellbeing Lancashire, we have a range of objectives based on making wellbeing a top priority in Lancashire, including:

– Aligning wellbeing strategy across the county to amplify positive impact and outcomes

– Building awareness of wellbeing and factors that affect it

– Increasing equality of opportunity within health and wellbeing

– Accrediting wellbeing providers to Wellbeing Lancashire Standards

– Increasing engagement in wellbeing activities, delivery and education

– Implementing wellbeing into economic, industrial and manufacturing strategy

– Accrediting Lancashire businesses on their wellbeing strategy, delivery and outcomes

– Providing a signposting and selection service for wellbeing delivery

– Being an agile and dynamic response unit for acute wellbeing challenges

– Aligning with health innovation to start to prevent future wellbeing challenges, starting today.

With a wide range of goals, this ambitious project has already gained significant traction across the county and is actively tackling the challenges we currently face.

Interested in being accredited, finding out more or being part of the discussion? Contact us and we will explore alignment and potentialities.

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