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We are a collaboration of professional wellbeing businesses; public sector and non-profit organisations and charities who have come together to make wellbeing a top priority for Lancashire. Wellbeing Lancashire is for individuals, communities, businesses and organisations, to help create a culture where we can all thrive.


We act as an independent advisory body made up of multidisciplinary business leaders across Lancashire who are massively enthusiastic and actively invested in people’s and organisational wellbeing. Through our own independent networking/connections and reputation, we aim to influence, lobby and provide commercial and clinical expertise to help
organisations implement wellbeing into action.

Your Wellbeing

Your personal health and happiness is more important than anything. We
collaborate with The Hub of Hope, the UK’s leading mental health support
database. The Hub of Hope is provided by national mental health charity,
Chasing the Stigma, and brings local, national, peer, community, charity,
private and NHS mental health support and services together in one


Wellbeing in organisations

Wellbeing underpins the success of the economy; it is intrinsically linked to performance and is now an employee’s number one priority when accepting a new job. Wellbeing Lancashire member providers can support you with everything from wellbeing strategy and health data; to employee workshops, awareness events and bespoke wellbeing experiences that can be delivered digitally or physically.

We are proud to be a

hub of hope

signposting partner

The Hub of Hope is a mental health support signposting tool listing
thousands of local, regional and national support groups and services. The
Hub of Hope includes support and services for family members and
friends, to enable them to find help for themselves, as well as for the
person they are supporting.

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